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Best EU Beverage Brands: Digital Marketing 2015

The 2015 L2 Digital IQ Index®: Beverages EU assesses the digital performance of 60 brands in the five largest Western European markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Across Europe, a diverse mix of beverage brands continue to demonstrate flat or declining market performance. While the overall market outlook remains grim, brands operating in Europe face a compelling opportunity in the rapid growth of online grocery. Specifically, beverages represent the most popular product category, purchased by 55 percent of online grocery shoppers.

Top Ten EU Beverage Brands in Digital Marketing, including best practices:
1. Coca-Cola – Genius
2. Red Bull – Genius
3. Monster Energy – Gifted
4. Budweiser – Gifted
5. Coca-Cola Light – Gifted
6. Pepsi – Gifted
7. Heineken – Gifted
8. Lucozade – Gifted
9. Pepsi Max – Gifted
10. Rockstar – Gifted

The ranking out of 60 brands includes etailer (e.g. Amazon) partnerships, seo, ecommerce, mobile, social media and best-in-class cross-channel campaigns.

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