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Best Forex Indicator – Arbitrage Thief Index – mt4 Indicators

Arbitrage Thief Index indicator
Available here –

In this video,i have explained how to use arbitrage Thief Index indicator,how to use correlation strategy,how to select best currency pairs for this correlation Arbitrage strategy.

Selecting Currency pairs: one highly positive correlated currency pair. one neural correlated currency pair. one highly negative correlated currency pair.

Then Input all three currency pair in our Arbitrage Thief Index Indicator.

BUY Trade condition:

1.On default setting,You should buy all three currency pair when ATI moves below 35 Level.

2.Close all trades when ATI touch 50 Level.

SELL Trade condition:

1.On default setting,You should sell all three currency pair when ATI moves above 65 Level.

2.Close all trades when ATI touch 50 Level.

Forex tips :
1.Track forex news live
2.Trade in real account manually – It'll give the best experience on how to keep your nerves calm and reap profit with your natural understanding on market.

This indicator is the best forex indicator available for public among many metatrader 4 indicators or mt4 indicators.
The forex strategy shown with our forex trading system is the best in the market that no one will share.
Three major strategy covered in one video ,they are forex arbitrage strategy, forex correlation strategy and scalping forex.
This forex technical analysis strategy with our forex technical indicators are the best combo for being a successful trader.
You can use our Indicator as forex trend indicators or forex reversal indicators
The forex chart template is made with dark blue background to ensure good visual.
No free forex indicators or paid forex indicators will ensure your profit but our forex strategies do.

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