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CNN Live: Dennis Jaffe asks Marianne Williamson about Impeachment of President Trump

From RawStory:

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson warned that Americans should stop pretending that President Donald Trump is a normal leader and call him out for un-American behavior.

“Do you support the impeachment of President Trump? What is your reasoning and if I could clarify that we as DC residents can’t go to congressional representation that will vote on this issue?” asked DC resident Dennis Jaffe.

She agreed to impeachment, saying that his offenses do qualify as impeachable.

“I think this president clearly has fascist leanings and we need to stop pretending this isn’t true,” she told the CNN audience Sunday. “There are things about his behavior I would consider impeachable offenses. That’s a different question whether or not he should be impeached, the Republicans as long as they are in charge of the Senate, they wouldn’t remove him anyway. I leave that to Nancy Pelosi. I’m sure she understands the quandary very well. In terms of D.C., you should have representation. I don’t think the Founders would foresee a time when a population in D.C. would exist as it does.”

Credit to CNN Live. Not intended for monetization but simply awareness.

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