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Coronavirus Stock Market Plunge: Be Careful Which Stocks to Buy Next! 💥

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Coronavirus Market Carnage. Be careful which stocks to buy after this crisis. Why you need to be careful which stocks you buy next. I'm filming this in the midst of the Corona Virus crisis but its valid whenever you are watching this. You need to be careful when looking for potential recovery stories in stocks. Day trading is a little bit different because you are purely trading the price action. But why should swing traders and longer term traders be careful? Some stocks have suffered a serious hammering. People are making a mistake when they look at stocks that have been the hardest; these are the stocks that are more likely to go bust. We have hoteliers, airlines, cruiseliners..etc that have been seriously hit. Some of these companies have massive debt to service and are very capital intensive. When things are good and people are spending that's all good, but if people are scared to travel that could change completely. What are the stocks to buy on the coronavirus dip?

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