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Future of Investment Banking – Davos 2019

How technological #innovations (AI, #blockchain technology, machine learning) will shape the evolution of financial markets. Lee Bressler moderates the expert panel with Howard Lutnick, Joseph Lubin, and Yorke Rhodes at #Ethereal Davos 2019.

Joe Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys, and Co-Founder of #Ethereum discuss various applications of tokenized assets providing examples to highlight the inefficiencies of current banking and capital systems. Howard Lutnick of Cantor FitzGerald provides a pragmatic viewpoint regarding how blockchain will provide efficiency at the top and the bottom of the financial system.

Yorke Rhodes, Co-Founder of Blockchain at Microsoft, defines the three functions of investment banking (access to the market, risk mitigation, and reputation) that if disintermediated could disrupt the current market. The panel discusses the potential of disintermediation through technological innovation.

Joe demonstrates how blockchain technology can be utilized to bring transparency to marketplaces and trading. The panel looks at the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning to impact trading and portfolio construction. Howard describes his beliefs about asset allocation and how retail investors should look at investment decisions.

Finally, Joe describes ConsenSys company, Helena a curated registry for analysts, and how it plays into Howard’s expertise and advice about asset allocation.

Howard Lutnick, CEO, Cantor Fitzgerald
Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder, ConsenSys
Lee Bressler, Director, US Capital Markets Lead, Microsoft
Yorke Rhodes, Cofounder Blockchain @Microsoft

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