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Italy: Hospital sets up triage tents as coronavirus strains resources

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While Covid-19 is ever more rapidly overloading Italy's hospitals, footage filmed on Friday at a hospital in Brescia highlights the strain the healthcare industry is under at this moment of unrivalled pressure.

One scene depicts dozens of patients packed into a makeshift treatment room as both space and resources are clearly lacking.

Around the almost war-like tents, before being allowed into the emergency room every potential patient has their temperatures checked and are quizzed on their symptoms and current condition. After an evaluation is made the patient is directed toward the most appropriate medical room.

Italy remains the country in Europe with the most confirmed cases, of coronavirus, currently totalling over 47,000. Furthermore, it is now also the country with the most deaths worldwide, taking the lives of over 4,000 Italian residents. Brescia has been one of the worst-hit cities with 4,648 confirmed cases and 594 deaths thus far.

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