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Jim Cramer 12/11/18: McDonald’s, Market Rally and Tech ETFs

Jim Cramer talks to TheStreet about the market rally, the tech effect on the market and whether or not investors should be considering tech ETFs.

01:08 Auto Stocks Surge
TheStreet's Martin Baccardax reported on the news that European auto stocks surged and U.S. carmakers were jumping higher as the market opened.
Officials have submitted a proposal to reduce tariffs on cars made in the U.S. and imported into China to 15% from the current level of 40%, Bloomberg reported. President Donald Trump hinted at such a move following his trade summit with China's President Xi Jinping earlier this month in Argentina, and the Bloomberg report, which cited officials in Beijing, could mark an important thaw in U.S.-China trade relations while providing more clarity for European carmakers worried about the fate of tariffs from both Washington and Beijing. The report also followed data from China showing car sales have hit their weakest patch in five years.

02:30 Tech ETFs vs Strong Tech Stocks
In Cramer's column for Real Money on Tuesday, Dec. 11, he discussed why he believes that tech ETFs are not as worthwhile as an investment as strong tech stocks.
Cramer wrote, "The ETF promoters say they want us to do it so we can avoid "single-stock risk" — which is a huge amount of hokum, because they NEVER talk about single-stock reward, so they all trade together anyway."

07:34 Why McDonald's Is a Strong Stock in This Market
McDonald's MCD is RealMoney's stock of the day. Cramer weighs in on why the company was picked as the stock of the day and how investors can play it in a volatile market.

At 9:32 a.m. ET, Ford F was up over 3% to $8.77 a share while General Motors GM was up 3.1% to $35.50.

Time to Invest in ETF's?
Adam emailed in asking whether or not a total market ETF or a S&P 500 ETF is a good investment as a core foundation for his portfolio?

Cramer weighs in.

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