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Pivot Podcast #93: Zoom stock way up, Sports industry takes another hit, listener mail and WFH snafu

Episode #93: Friday, March 27 2020

Zoom stock surpasses airlines; MLB, NBA, Olympics are on pause — what happens to the media that covers them? And a Listener Mail about relief package guardrails.

Kara and Scott talk about Zoom's immense stock value in this moment and what the company should do with new power. They discuss what is to come with streaming platforms and media outlets as the 2020 Olympics joins the slew of live sports postponements due to COVID-19. Also, will the WFH movement be the final nail in the weWork coffin? In Listener Mail, Kara and Scott talk about guardrails and bailouts in the recently passed stimulus package. In predictions, Scott expects to see new stock lows in the coming weeks. (PLUS Pivot experiences its own WFH social-distance snafu!)

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