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Future of Investment Banking – Davos 2019

How technological #innovations (AI, #blockchain technology, machine learning) will shape the evolution of financial markets. Lee Bressler moderates the expert panel with Howard Lutnick, Joseph Lubin, and Yorke Rhodes at #Ethereal Davos 2019. Joe Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys, and Co-Founder of #Ethereum discuss various applications of tokenized assets providing examples to highlight the inefficiencies of current banking and capital systems. Howard Lutnick of Cantor FitzGerald provides a pragmatic viewpoint regarding how blockchain will provide efficiency […]

OST LIVE #065: Crypto Tax Best Practices in 2019

It’s tax season in the U.S. and the SEC has stated that cryptocurrencies are to be treated as property, and therefore taxable. Exchanges such as Coinbase have released crypto tax reporting tools to help users file their gains or losses.  Zac McClure, co-founder of TokenTax, will join us to discuss the implications of taxes on cryptocurrency. TokenTax reports cryptocurrency capital gains and income taxes and supports over 30 exchanges. McClure will provide a global perspective […]