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This compact $35 air fryer makes crispy wings with virtually no fat – CNET



If you’ve got an air fryer itch to scratch but haven’t wanted to commit the money or counter space, a not-so-huge air fryer on sale for less than the price of a night of takeout might be the time to pounce. Currently, this Bella 1.6 liter air fryer is marked down to $35 (normally $50) at Macy’s. It’s large enough to make batches of healthy “fried” frozen snacks or crispy wings for the game (that’s right, we have games now!) but small enough not to crowd your counter and fit in most cupboards. The Bella also has easy analog controls and an auto shut-off function for safety. 

If you’re not familiar with air fryers, they use super convection (really fast, really hot air) to mimic the results of frying but with little or no oil. Some air fried foods benefit from a light coating of cooking spray, but you’ll get none of the heavy grease or excess fat and calories of oil frying. Wings, fries, chicken fingers and cheese sticks do really well in an air fryer but there are also plenty of healthy options including carrot sticks, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and seasoned shrimp.

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