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Why I Donate 100% Of My Trading Profits To Charity

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Donating to charity is something that’s close to my heart. There are so many issues in this world, but focusing on a few at a time is how I choose to help. If you’re interested in helping, start by watching this video. Learn more about the current events and actions you can take right now.

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For this video, I wanna do something different…

Don’t worry, I’ll do a full video lesson on my trades later tonight for subscribers, so be on the lookout later.

But I want to get into the causes I’m really passionate about right now. If you know me, you know I donate ALL of my trading profits to charity.

And I’m extremely grateful to be able to do it, which is why I like to talk about specific charities on my platform.

There are so many issues going on with the world, so it’s pretty hard not to notice or care. But I like to focus on the efforts I think will make a difference in the immediate future.

So in this video, I’ll give an update on which charities I’ve donated to and which I’m concentrating on at the moment.

And I’m thankful that this market has been so volatile for most of the year… It’s allowed me to donate a large amount in a shorter period of time. Blessed is an understatement.

One of the newer causes I’m focusing on is the #MauritiusOilSpill. And this one is more personal. I know people who live there — I was actually planning a visit soon.

This island is actually famous for its biodiversity and ecosystem. It’s absolutely tragic that an oil spill is threatening the delicate balance in the Mauritius ecosystem.

The other tragic event that I’m donating to right now is the explosion in Beirut…

Many of you have seen that viral video of the huge chemical explosion that left hundreds injured and thousands homeless. It’s heartbreaking just thinking about it.

Watch this video to educate yourself on these events and how you can help.

Please, help me spread the word! Share this video on social media and donate if you can. Leave a comment and say, “I want to make a difference.”

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