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I Tried Day Trading with No Experience


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  1. I have made mony tradng options, penny stccks, and crypt0 and I have also realized that investng long term is the way. Ditch the get rich quick mentality. Start thinking 20+ years out and let compound interest go to work for you.

    • All traders should invest as well and not all investors need to understand HOW to trade if they have no interest in it. Trading = active income, investing = passive wealth growth.

    • Building a good financial-portfolio is more complex so I would recommend you seek professional support. This way you can get strategies designed to address your unique long-term goals and financial dreams.

    • @@alexyoung3126 this is honesty at its peak! I started investing in 2020 during the covid pandemic and that same year I pulled a profit of about[$170,000] with no prior investing experience, basically all I was doing was seeking guidance from a financial-advisor, so you don’t necessarily need to be a perfect investor, just have a professional assist you

    • @@erichkraetz2622 How can one find a resourceful FA, I buy the idea of employing their services, its a shame market crashes as of late have become a sort of habit for stocks

    • @@joesphcu8975 My advisor is ‘INGRID CECILIA RAAD” In terms of portfolio diversity, she’s a genius. You can glance her name up on the internet and verify her yourself. she has years of financial market experience.

  2. It all depends on the knowledge and strategies employed, but I’ve seen people make seven-figure profits in declining markets just as easily as they do in rising ones. There is no denying that some people have benefited significantly from the recession and crisis.

    • The professionals presently control the market since they not only have the essential business strategy but also have access to inside information that the general public is not aware of.

    • I make an effort to consult a financial coach before making any investing decisions as a result. I’ve been trading with one since the pandemic started because their entire business model revolves around trading long and short at the same time, utilizing profit-oriented strategies and lowering risk as a hedge against inevitable downtrends. They also have access to insider data and analysis, making it nearly impossible for them to perform poorly. I earned more than $1.5 million after working with a coach for almost three years.

    • @@harod033 I’ve been involved in all of these for a long time, though I won’t say I’ve made or lost a fortune. Would you mind recommending a professional who offers a wide range of investment options? This is extremely unusual, and I eagerly await your response.

    • @@djones7603 The issue is this! People with little to no experience in the stock market commonly try to buy on their own. Prior to doing the correct thing and getting in touch with financial advisor Sharon Lee Casey, in the US, I had the notion, but now everything is different. I began seeing incredible returns on my investment.

    • @@harod033 I’ve been debating what to do with my portfolio because I was on the verge of selling it last Friday and will be retiring soon. When I looked her up, Sharon’s profile came highly recommended. This was much needed.

  3. The relationship between external factors such as inflation data and the Federal Reserve’s and their impact on the cryptocurrency market, particularly bitcoin is truly intriguing. As the financial landscape undergoes rapid transformation, it becomes crucial to recognize the increasing significance of alternative assets like Bitcoin, ethereum embracing adaptive, innovative approaches. In the midst of these market shifts, it’s commendable that individuals like John Desmond Heppolette, are thriving by utilizing effective trading strategies. My success in amassing 42 BTC within eight weeks highlights his profound market knowledge, expertise, and well deserved reputation as a visionary in the world of cryptocurrency investment/trading..

    • I was curious after reading what you shared, so I quickly google his name, I came across his web page. My portfolio suffered a big hit, holding it further won’t be any good I’ve heard of people netting hundreds of thousands this red season I’m really glad to see this…

    • John Desmond Heppolette assisted many traders and investors out there that have benefited from his strategy! I’m very thankful to be part of his program, I was able to quickly recoup my losses during the crash in the market..

    • Accumulating losses when trading alone can lead to psychological anxiety. I was fortunate enough to reach out to John Desmond Heppolette, which has been profitable for several months since my trades.

    • Learning is crucial for success in trading and investing. Keeping up with current trends and strategies can help traders stay ahead of the curved and make informed decisions. I’m glad to hear that John Desmond Heppolette strategies and insights have been helpful to most of us. Remember success in trading and investing takes time and effort, but with dedication, commitment and discipline is achievable..

    • John Desmond Heppolette, really seem to know this stuff. I found his online-page, read through his resume, educational background, qualifications and it was really impressive. I left him a note and booked a call session with him..

  4. I watched several YouTube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven’t made any head start because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands.

  5. Trading involves buying and selling of shares in a certain company the goal is to capitalize on short term market but none of that is working for me

    • This seems like the worst period. Even the markets are very unpredictable. started investing recently when the market prices were a bit high ,today i am more than 60% down

    • Starting early is simply the best way of getting ahead to build wealth , investing remains a priority . I learnt from my last year’s experience , I am able to build a suitable life because I invested early ahead this time .

    • The best course of action if you lack market knowledge is to ask a consultant or invest-ing co-ach for guidance or assistance. Speaking with a con-sultant helped me stay afloat in the market and grow my port-folio to about 65% since January, even though I know it sounds obvious or generic. I believe that is the most effective way to enter the business at the moment.

  6. I`m new to the stock market. Every stocks that I bought so far, I was out of luck because I bought them when they were expensive. I feel I missed out on all the opportunities so far. I believe having $450K yearly income would be a good investment so I want to plug all my savings into the market. I know this sounds a bit dull but I would like to know if I should learn investing or let somebody else (more capable like a FA) do it for me? Please share your thoughts. I am kind of tired of searching for a good asset to buy and losing all the good opportunities.

    • Even with the right technique some investors would still make more than others, as a Capitalist, you should’ve known that by now, nothing beats experience and that’s final, personally I had to reach out to an adviser for management which was how I was able to grow my portfolio tremendously.

    • How can I participate in this? I sincerely aspire to establish a secure financial future and I’m eager to participate. Who is the driving force behind your success?

    • I usually go with registered representative; Christopher David Pecktol, He provides a more grounded approach, looking at factors like market demand, regulatory changes, and adoption trends. This approach enable to make informed decisions rather than solely relying on emotional market dynamics.

  7. I’d say at this point, you gotta have cash on the side and exposure so that you don’t completely fumble during bearish times, just to come out with nothing but buying bags too high later on. Not a financial advisor, just my two cents of advice.

    • That’s right, contacting an advisor during the pandemic was how I was able to navigate the chaotic stock decline.

    • It seems you also use a tutor, what is the procedure like? Has working with a financial advisor proven to be beneficial to you?

    • If you’re looking for help building an investment nest egg, you most likely want a certified financial planner with expertise in investment planning. With the aid of a coach, I grew my reserve from $160k to almost $600k during the red season.

    • Nice summary, so who is the coach that tutored you? And how can I contact them, I’m in need of their skillset.

    • My advisor is actually quite known, so it was much easier for me to reach out, I’m in touch with Lisa Ann Moberly; she has a web presence, so you can simply just search her.

  8. Thanks Mike! In trading, possessing technical analysis skills is not sufficient on its own; discipline and emotional maturity play crucial roles in achieving success. Embracing the mindset of “time in the market vs. timing the market” proves valuable, especially during market fluctuations. I attribute my growing daily earnings to Whitney Eston valuable insights and daily trade signals, coupled with my commitment to continuous learning. Kudos to the journey ahead!

  9. Successful investing is hard work because it means disciplining your mind to do the opposite of human nature. Buying during a panic, selling during euphoria, and holding on when you are bored and just craving a little action. Investing is 5% intellect and 95% temperament.

    • Government policy has thrown the future under the bus for decades. The day of judgment is near. I predict an 80% drop in the stock market. Investors will abandon stocks in favor of real estate. There will be no money in banks… You must devise a strategy for survival.

    • I agree. I have pulled in more than $435k since 2020 through my advisor. It pays off more in the long run to just pick quality stocks and ride with those stocks.

    • Mind if I ask you recommend this particular professional you use their service? i have quite a lot of marketing problems.

    • She appears to be really knowledgeable. I found her online profile and read through her resume, educational history, and qualifications, which were all impressive. She is a fiduciary, thus she will act in my best interests. So I set up a session with her.

  10. Cryptocurrency is booming, notably giants like BTC and ETH. Yet, the market’s rollercoaster nature is testing even the hardiest investors. which is why we should look out for proper market analysis or alternatively seek guidance from certified market strategists

    • I’m overall outperforming a lot of assets by holding Bitcoin and a few other top crypto altcoins.
      When my percentage goes down it goes down about double that of the s&p100/500 but when it goes up it goes up like 5 times the S&P rate.

    • The only issue you might have is the fear of missing out, just like everyone else. A good number of people discredit the effectiveness of financial advisors in exploring new markets, but over the past 10years I’ve had a financial advisor consistently restructure and diversify my portfolio/expenses and I’ve made over $3million in gains… might not be a lot but i’m financially secure.

    • ‘Linda Aretha Reeves’ is the licensed advisor I use. Just research the name. You’d find necessary details to work with a correspondence to set up an appointment.

    • She appears to be well-educated and well-read. I ran an online search on her name and came across her website; thank you for sharing

  11. As an avid lnvestor, I often wonder how top level investors are able to become millionaires off investing. . I’ve been sitting on over $545K equity from a home sale and I’m not sure where to go from here, is it a good time to buy into stocks or do I wait for another opportunity?

    • It’s best to seek an asset manager right now, unless you’re canny yourself. As a business owner in both the service industry and eBay reseller of all product categories, I can tell you we’re in a deep recession and everyone is running out of money.

    • A good number of investors discredit the effectiveness of asset managers but I’ve had an on3 consistently restructure and diversify my portfolio/expenses with dividend-paying stocks, ETFs, Mutual funds and REITs, achieving an annualized gain of 25%, in the past 5 years I’ve made over “$3million” in net profit, might not be a lot but i find myself secure financially. Its never an easy step, it takes time and dedication

    • How can I participate in this? I sincerely aspire to establish a secure financlal future and am eager to participate. Who is the driving force behind your success?

    • She’s “SONYA LEE MITCHELL” ”. I choose to delegate my excesses to her because of her expertise. I suggest you look her up.

    • out of curiosity i looked Sonya up and she seem so proficient, i pray she’ll be able to help me attain financial freedom

  12. Start today, reap tomorrow. Every small investment is a step towards your mountain of dreams. Keep this in mind as you embark on your investment journey. Every step counts!

    • Earning effectively is all about making smart investment choices and committing your resources to legitimate and secure platforms. It’s crucial to do thorough research and due diligence before diving in.

    • Meet Tyler Dav FX: a seasoned trader and trusted advisor whose keen market insights and strategic foresight have consistently outpaced the trends. Tyler Dav FX extensive experience and disciplined approach to trading have not only yielded impressive returns but also earned the unwavering trust of his clients.

    • @@AliceJudy062Sure With Tyler Dav FX guidance, investors navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they are supported by expertise that transforms market challenges into opportunities for growth.

    • Recently, I’ve been researching advisors. I recently started trading, but it has never been profitable for me; I have incurred significant losses. Please do you have any reputable recommendation?

    • With the crypto market’s ups and downs, it’s super important to get advice from an expert. They can offer the guidance needed to navigate through the volatility and help in making informed decisions.

  13. ❤ Hit 247k today. Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 11k in last year 2023.

  14. Great video and very straightforward. I don’t see any other perfect time for one to invest in crypto and trade than now. I don’t think that buy and hold is a valid investment strategy anymore but trading is worth it and you make more money when you trade correctly. just made my first $100,000 in crypto and I barely know how to express how happy and excited I am right now. Its all about knowing what strategy to apply and when.

    • I’m new to cryptocurrency and don’t understand how it really works. how Can someone know the right approach to investing and making good profits from cryptocurrency investments?

    • How can someone know a professional account manager that is trustworthy and legit they are hard to find this days.

    • Sincerely speaking. I will continue to trade and stick to Alex Redondo daily signals and guides as long as it works well for me.

  15. Great video as always! However, I’m struggling with making profits in trading and have been experiencing losses. I assumed trading a demo account would be just like trading in the real market. Can anyone help me out or offer some advice?

    • As a beginner who don’t understand how trading really works and you really want to make profit from it. I will advise you to first start working with an expert

    • My portfolio has been in the gutter for the entire year, so I started researching new ways to profit in the market, but everything I tried just seemed to miss the mark. Please let us know the name of your financial advisor.

    • Credits goes to ” Sharon Lee Peoples” one of the finest portfolio managers in the field. She’s widely recognized; you should take a look at her work.


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