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Election Impact, Employment Numbers, Economic Indicators | ITK with Cathie Wood

On episode VIII of "In the Know" (Oct. 2, 2020), prior to the upcoming election, ARK CEO/CIO Cathie Wood provides an update on the new employment numbers and her latest market commentary on the day President Trump and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19. Cathie discusses ARK’s point of view on fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation.

While the market remains in a state of heightened volatility, ARK is here for you. Join ARK’s CEO & CIO, Cathie Wood as she provides a short review during this period of uncertainty related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Stay Healthy. Stay Innovative.

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  1. Thank you Cathie Wood for your transparency and openness with your updates. I fully belong to the Ark Investing School 😊

  2. Everytime I listen to Cathy I come away more knowledgable, and more thankful that she is willing to share her wisdom. Many thanks.

  3. It takes me close to an hour to watch this because I keep rewinding to catch all the information and I do quick research to understand what is being said. Fantastic as always. Thank you.

    • Not really. I like the fact that she doesn’t waste her time or our time with daily or weekly minutiae. She delivers big, new, interesting ideas and isn’t simply trying to pump this YouTube channel to maximise view count.

    • @@lighthousesaunders7242 I have to agree. The economy is a gargantuan beast and changes much slower than most understand. Love these monthly reports tho!

    • Weekly would be great. Would PAY for a weekly talk, but Cathie is an extremely busy person.
      The fact that we get these at all by one of the world’s best fund managers is a blessing.

  4. It was a true pleasure to absorb this information. Not only are you well informed (of course) but also enthusiastic in your delivery. Im surprised by the wide swath of your knowledge and no doubt this has contributed to your success in reading trends. I have been giving you (and ARK) more of my attention recently, as I consider your points of view increasing relevant in the economy of tomorrow. I am re-evaluating what “value” means in value investing. Thank you for giving me some time to hear your thoughts and insight.

    • Cathie makes most look ignorant, unprepared and closed minded. I don’t believe that is her intention. She has been ringing the same bell for years. i.e. they aren’t a car company. They are a software and storage company and so much more. This is only the 2nd company I’ve become an investor in. Until now, gambling was my game. It’s such a pleasure, and a change, to find someone not stuck on themselves attempting to help and educate the masses. Yes, I preach ARK-Invest and Cathie Wood

  5. Dear Cathie. Would it be possible for you to do these talks every week, or every 2 weeks?
    Some of us will gladly pay to hear you every week.
    I realize you’re incredibly busy, so I totally understand if you can’t.
    Thank you for you wisdom and for helping our financial wellbeing. You have done so much for people, and many of us are really grateful.
    May God richly bless you, guide you, and protect you.

  6. Big thx cathie.You certainly don’t have to do this but do it anyways.Your videos are incredibly helpfull to help keep things in perspective.Helps me
    sort out all the noise from the actual essential info.

  7. Very informative!
    “Disruptive jobs and industries tend to take off in difficult times”
    Thank You Cathie and Ark Invest team! I learn so much from these updates.


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