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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Issues URGENT Warning

In this video, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, the largest bank in America, shares his pessimistic outlook on the stock market for the next 6-12 months. He discusses persistent inflation, geopolitical risks, and rising consumer debt as significant factors that could negatively impact the market.

Dimon emphasizes the importance of risk management and cautions against assuming a smooth economic recovery. He also highlights the potential for higher interest rates and the unpredictability of future market conditions.

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Inflation Concerns
1:01 – Geopolitical Risks
1:35 – Consumer Debt Issues
2:07 – Market Exuberance
2:37 – Risk Management
3:08 – Current Trends in Oil and Inflation
3:31 – Household Debt Concerns
4:00 – Potential Recession Indicators
4:40 – Risk Mitigation Strategies
5:46 – Community and Resources
6:00 – Analysis of Jamie Dimon's Viewpoints
7:00 – Stock Market and Economic Indicators
8:00 – Commercial Real Estate Concerns
9:00 – Debt and Delinquencies
10:00 – Market Strategies and Risk Management
11:00 – Bonds and Defensive Investments

Nothing in this video constitutes tax, legal, financial and/or investment advice, nor does any information in this video constitute an invitation and/or solicitation to invest in a particular security. This video merely expresses the author’s opinion and should be viewed as such. Before proceeding with any investments, you should do your own research and seek advice from an independent licensed professional.

The author of this video does NOT accept liability for any investment decisions, as this video is provided only for educational and entertainment purposes. Although the author has endeavored for the information in this video to be correct and accurate, he does NOT assume liability nor does he guarantee that the data will be updated, correct and/or accurate at all times.


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  1. Release time of this video is perfect! There’s a daily void of content before the “market opens” by Amit and Meet Kevin. If you post relevant engaging content like this at this time – your engagement (imo) will be off the charts. Thanks Tom!

  2. I think I trust Tom Lee more than JD. He is always looking at the negative, and even when the market is roaring, he is still negative. Eventually, he will be right, but generally and recently he has been wrong. I understand all his points. All valid but I’d prefer he was more measured. As a risk manager, I get it. No one saw this current bull market, and few saw the crash in 08/09. I agree with your risk mitigation and psychological resilience.

  3. Appreciate the adequate title:).
    As per J Dimon, he usually says the opposite of what he does. He is not your advisor

  4. is this the same Jamie Dimon calling for a “hurricane” last year? Meanwhile a year later all 3 indices are at ATH. Same Dimon that said BTC was a pet rock? Meanwhile BTC at almost ATH

  5. Always a voice of reason in the markets.
    So important to have!
    We need to protect our investments.
    I’m shaving profits but NOT getting out of this market!

  6. Ignore the noise and keep marching. Most average joes and janes we dont have the capital significant enough to invest regardless of the market anyway

  7. If I remember correctly, Wasn’t Jaime dimon talking 💩 about bitcoin when he was secretly buying it last year?

  8. One of the easiest way of analyzing on this particular subject of Jamie Dimon’s. Thank you very much

  9. Thank you for giving summery at the start of the video. This is something unique about your channel. Also, you microphone is great, the sound is clear and not background noise.


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