Gary Gensler Discusses PFOF Ban & “Meme Stocks”

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39 thoughts on “Gary Gensler Discusses PFOF Ban & “Meme Stocks”

    1. @Yahshua11 if he was serious about making a level fair market, he would have already stopped dark pool trading and PFOF.

  1. JBrown was the only one that asked a legitimate important question. The rest of the video is about stuff that “hurts retails feelings”. Lottery invite Gary to a call with you.

  2. they never really pressed him on many things like why did he have that video make retail investors look like idiots.
    he never really answered why they will not outright ban dark pools and pfofs Gary Gensler just gave a vague word salad and they aloud that as an answere.
    why do they keep allowing halts on some meme stocks but allow others to continuely run

  3. Wow. It’s sad that he didn’t even apologize for the disrespectful videos made about retail investors. Had the opportunity and he didn’t take it. Wow. That hurts more than the initial commercial

  4. The problem is orders not hitting the lit market…internalizers and “market makers” is an absolute joke. All Alternative Trading Services should be banned for ALL orders under 1000 shares, maybe even less, and NEVER used for retail investors. There, I just fixed the entire freaking market.

  5. It’s very encouraging to see that Gary is talking to retail investors and he seems genuinely interesting in helping improve the stock markets. We need a lot of help and reform.

  6. °How can I get more profitable investment in the market? Is this pump shorts getting wrecked and liquidated, or any indication of whale, corporate treasury buys?

    1. I strongly agree with you, Donna Patricia’s team is the best, Funds are safe and ROI being sent directly to my coinbase wallet monthly makes it easier

    2. Honestly! Donna Patricia is the key to robust profits. I’m currently on my second trade. Started off with some spare funds and now my wallet is unbelievable!

    3. I coincidentally met Mrs Donna Patricia in a conference in Dallas TX. She enlightened us more on the market and her strategies were really mind blowing!. I always recommend her for crypto investments.

  7. It’s not that tough. If you have a tow truck you run in a rotation. All orders go to a different broker every time. So every 100 or 1000 shares go to a different market maker

  8. Amc will be skyrocketing and moass soon!! I voted no rs for saving my amc shares and amc moass! Let’s go amc $1000🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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