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28 thoughts on “Reason for bank stock rise | Market reaction for US election result | Dabur, Sun pharma, Zee result

  1. நண்பா உங்கள் பார்வையில் நெடுநாள் வைப்புக்கு எந்த Sector பங்கு சிறந்ததுதுனு சொல்லுங்க

  2. Bro pls tell about open high low.
    Can’t do intraday. Because stocks reach its high on open itself . Can’t book profit

  3. Also give update about your investment entry and exit levels which will help new comer and others to exit with cautious

  4. Zee entertainment u expect it will rise ah???
    I hold shares at 205 rs…
    Is this a good price or i should average

    1. You need to do average Right apx 174 is a small support for zeel…
      Market in sideways upper resistance is 188 to 192

    1. Buying small qty at 400 is fine, but make sure to buy very small qty as their auditor issues are not yet clear.

  5. Dear sir,
    I want to know…..Tamilnadu state government employee can do trading in share market.
    I need crystal clear answer for following answers
    1. Can do trade in intraday trade or delivery trade?
    2.Is delivery trade can buy and sell same day?
    3.Can invest in mutual fund?
    Please send valid answer sir

  6. PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION BROTHER – I have one doubt. Radhakishan Damani investment net worth 78k crors. How they earning just because of holding the stock. For example he bought Prozone Intu Properties Ltd Stock and they didn’t provide any Dividend, bonus etc., How it will generate the revenue and increased his networth without selling that.

    1. Net worth represents that current investment value. If he invested at 100 rupees and its value is at 150, then networth is 150 rupees.

    2. @Tamil Pangu Sandhai That’s fine. I have checked Prozone stock which he invested and they didn’t provide any Dividend. How they will Get profit? Only increasing the market price?

  7. Dear Sir, With NPA of covid period has not reported by the bank’s so far, whether this rise is temporary or growth. What is the impact on banks during Q3 & Q4?

    1. Banks have not included the covid period NPAs, but have mentioned the bad loans in their result statements which is not much as expected, but we may have to see Q3 & Q4 for full impacts.

    2. @Tamil Pangu Sandhai Thank you . Appreciate your updates and supporting good interaction with your subscribers. Awesome 👍

  8. Hi bro, tell me more about yesbank sell 32,000 crs NPA, no Tamil channel tell about that rather Hindi channels have this information. I believe you do lot of analysis and give information to us. I will support you thank you

  9. Good intiatiative also cover most active midcap stock’s which are making started making new highs and are new multibaggers like Tata consumers, hdfc life,coforage, L&T INFO,Sbi life,manali petro, Chennai petro,engineers india,ITC, nbcc, NCC,m&M fin,chola fin,VIP,venkys,mcx,iex, zee, Bata, pvr,these r multibaggers.

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