Gary Gensler Discusses Stock Market Crime w/ Dave Lauer

Gary Gensler Discusses Stock Market Crime w/ Dave Lauer
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00:00 Intro
02:50 The Start of The Show
10:20 WeTheInvestors 2nd Q&A w/ SEC Chair Gary Gensler
15:30 FTDs & Manipulation
21:00 DRS
28:10 WhyDRS
36:17 Voting RIghts For DRS
49:05 SEC Rule Proposals
57:50 Best Execution Rule
1:06:30 SEC Meme Stock Videos
1:17:00 Gary's Closing Remarks

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6 thoughts on “Gary Gensler Discusses Stock Market Crime w/ Dave Lauer

  1. Thank you again for streaming this. While he squirreled his way around a ton of stuff, forcing these people in positions of power to answer these hard hitting questions is needed and spreads the knowledge of these issues to others not in the know.

  2. I asked in your stream if the questions had to be screened and or approved…. seems he will dodge questions like Biden or Nancy!

  3. It’s ridiculous how this man couldn’t answer one question, it’s insulting! Tell us he doesn’t respect retail without telling us he doesn’t respect retail!

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