Nvidia Earnings Pop the Stock Over 8% – Is NVDA Stock a Buy Now?

Nvidia earnings are out and the stock is up 8% Is NVDA stock a buy now? AI stocks to buy now in 2023 and Artificial intelligence AI has been a huge buzzword over the past several weeks as companies such as Microsoft and Alphabet battle over AI chatbot supremacy ChatGPT vs Bard AI. Is AI simply hype, or will pick-and-shovel stocks like Nvidia benefit and reward long-term investors? In today's video, I provide an update on Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) earnings and technical analysis on where the stock might be headed next. NVDA stock analysis, NVDA earnings, AI stocks to buy now.

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28 thoughts on “Nvidia Earnings Pop the Stock Over 8% – Is NVDA Stock a Buy Now?

    1. @Mr. FIRED Up Wealth I sure do, grabbed some shares last year as it dipped! Great to see it running hot though I am expecting a pull back at some point.

    1. @Mr. FIRED Up Wealth only through SOXX, not as an individual company. It’s one I do wish I had focused on, but no couda woulda shoulda! If there is a pull back in the next couple I will reconsider that though. Thanks for the insight!

  1. Mrs. Layla Claire, I just sat down and watched your whole movie. I loved it, very inspiring. It taught me to never give up on my dreams and aspirations in life. Thank you, we can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us. Great job. Keep being a blessing and continue to do great things😊.

    1. Bitcoin is fast rising and if you are lucky to have a good broker then I believe you have absolutely nothing to worry about because you are in for a financial upliftment

    1. @Mr. FIRED Up Wealth yea but after that the video also say “a lot of people were also expecting this number to be a lot worse and it’s part of the reason the stock is going up AH”. 4:12

  2. One of my favorite long term holds. Would love to add more on a pullback, it’s a monster but if the market re-tests the October lows……..swoop!

  3. a welcome day indeed……..is it asking for too much if i look at sitm and trade desk ttd as future 10 baggers?

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