One Million Reasons for a Stronger 2023 Stock Market

The 2023 stock market could be a lot stronger than we expected and I've just found a million reasons for higher stock prices! Full year stock market outlook and what to watch. Join the discussion on Reddit

Jobs and inflation are the big questions for the stock market and investors in 2023. Fortunately, we just got very good news on both that could mean stocks get a chance to boom into the next bull market this year. The government may be over-estimating the strength in the jobs market and inflation could be about to come down fast. I'll share the data on that along with our weekly stock market update!

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

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52 thoughts on “One Million Reasons for a Stronger 2023 Stock Market

    1. I’m really skeptical…..I’ve lost so much trying to trade on my own,I need a nice coach ,I’m scared of more losses.

    2. @Nicola Valle Hey you are not far from making profit,he has taken care of my account for months now.

    3. You can actually make your research about him up on the internet through his name DANIEL CHRISTOPHER DOWNES if you have any suspicions.

    4. I met Daniel Christopher Downes last year for the first time at a conference in London through a friend,I’m really grateful for this, people don’t really know that he’s a good genius.

  1. Joseph, excellent content. Extremely thankful for your channel and I have learned a lot here. Couple of preferred stocks I’ve picked up recently that are selling at a deep discount are NS/PRA – Energy sector 11.13 % current yield and BW/PRA – 13.14% current yield. Happy New year and I look forward to more of your quality videos.

    1. Always glad to help David. Love preferred stocks during market downturns, always some great dividends and hold up better than regular stocks.

  2. I’m on SSD and comp ( 6 months from retirement) . Most of the stocks I own are geared toward dividend income with about 40% defensive. When I hear about the the jobs market I can’t help but think most of these ” new” jobs are the result of people going back to work after this administration paid them to stay home for so long! As for inflation, I measure it by what food and gas cost me. I’ve watched a dozen extra large eggs go from $1.49 to $2.50 to. $6.50 over the last 18 months! On the bright side, I’ve given up bacon. Do you have any thoughts on Syn- bio? I just read about it being the ” next big thing”.

    1. Not sure I could give up on bacon no matter what the cost! I think you’re right on jobs, we should start seeing it change here in the next few months. Haven’t looked at Syn-bio yet, what do you like about it?

    2. @Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA Sorry Joe, my decrepit butt put my reply in the comments section by mistake🙄

  3. I think the worst is actually yet to come and we could see a true bottoming out in about 3- 6 months, but thereafter we will see a massive run-up in the market. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of opportunities when stocks dip and we get hit with recession news. I will be continuing with my strategy of dollar cost averaging into core positions which are companies with strong brand names, great leadership and have well capitalized balance sheets… Good luck to all and cheers!

    1. @Xao Yung We’ve been in constant touch with a fidelity planner for approximately 9 months. She has assess to exclusive information, somehow knows the right time to sell or buy securities she focuses on, and take profit. She put us onto trading on a multi market level. So diversification works.

    2. f you pull out now you might miss the upswing. We faced same dilemma, was where she came in, we are gaining short term with fixed income ladder structure she developed while day trading, with mostly short positions.. Can’t say we regret it, we are 46% up in profits just in 6months with our 1.3M.

    3. @The Angel Investor How did you find and interview the planner? I have come across articles about using an advisor’s services in bear markets as they can source lucrative opportunities. Do you mind leaving their information? If not, how did you go about it?

    4. ​@Xao Yung Well we came across an investopedia list and interviewed a couple of them. Her name is Tracie Lee Paige in WA. You can look her up, I do business with her from Florida, she is just a phone call away. She has a ton of market experience and deploys unique strategies to help you keep your money safe she is also a fee only so it means you have to be actively involved in allowing her to reshape or rebalance your portfolio to suit your long term objectives.

  4. If I was younger I’d probably would invest pretty heavy into “Syn-Bio” which is based on CRISPR gene editing, gene splicing, an available 50 type cancer screen, and immuno therapy which at some point will replace a lot of radiation and chemo- therapy, both of which have life shortening cumulative effects in the long run. Some of the cutting edge companies are ILMAN, ISRG, HOLX, DHR, BRKR, and of course the larger companies like Moderna.

    1. Thanks for support, let’s try something new to help grow your finance

  5. I have a core of O/jepi/schd with some value stocks like NRG and CWH and a few penny stocks like CURI and CLNE. I’ve made lots of bad choices but hopefully all these will play out well. I could really use some optimism in my life considering how much worse things seem to be overall. I just want to retire asap so I can devote my life to things I love rather than live to pay bills and Uncle Sam. One day, hopefully. Thanks for your videos, I appreciate them.

    1. Everyone is hurting this year so you’re in good company. As long as you’ve got your core in a few diversified ETFs (SCHD is excellent) then you’ll bounce back. Add a little each month to take advantage of the lower prices. Understand that the penny stocks will fall further but give them time because they’ll also rebound higher. In a couple years, you’ll be wondering what you were even worried for 😉

    1. Thanks for support, let’s try something new to help grow your finance

  6. The HISTORICAL average P/E for the market is ~15-16 and that means that just getting to that range is STILL NOT CHEAP. Personally i don’t think the “market” is cheap until you get to 10-11 and be in a buy range. However there are some opportunities for stocks in single digits and that’s even better.

    1. Agree market isn’t cheap yet. Average PE really depends on what time period you use because interest rates have a lot to do with valuation. Higher rates up to late 80s meant lower avg PEs. Since 2000, low rates have meant much higher fair value PE…but we’ll have to see from here

    2. @Let’s Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA By historical, i mean all time. I’m not sure how much value there is in cherry picking time periods to reflect a specific amount, my understanding is over time it’s historically been ~15 as an average. I suppose the average could move higher with the constant buy pressure of automatic passive investing but that is a relatively recent phenomenon.

  7. Now that it is confirmed there was NO Santa rally, can us negative market bias traders gloat a bit about being right buying those QQQ and TSLA puts in Dec?!😂

    1. Thanks for support, let’s try something new to help grow your finance

    1. Thanks for support, let’s try something new to help grow your finance

  8. New subscriber here, I’m 50 and don’t plan on retiring for another 5 years, my pension fund of 500k is fully invested in stocks, and value of the fund has dropped 20% in the past 12 months. Would you advise switching some of the fund out of stocks into less risky assets, or should I sit tight and ride the storm for another year, given that I have another 5 years before retirement?

    1. when the market goes down and the value of your portfolio decreases significantly, it’s tempting to ask yourself or your financial advisor (if you have one) “should I pull my money out of the stock market?” that’s understandable, but most likely not the best course of action.

    2. Right, a bias for action can be your worst enemy in the stock market whereas, to avoid the hustle and bustle, I’m better off using an invt advisor, saves me time and earns me weekly to monthly income since Dec.2019, amidst rona-outbreak till date. I’m about 15% short of reaching my first $1M, I may consider rtrmt.

    3. @PB n’ J I’ve shuffled through different advisors in the past, and settled with Ashley Cecilia Spinosa. She’s well pronounced and established, so you can simply google her.

  9. You are a real CFA and hero really. Am a professional TA and all what you say now and previous videos make sense. Specially the stocks you recommended. And Energy sector when biden took. And guess what!! Bbby filed bankruptcy. Man you are good! God bless

  10. Well this is all still speculative. But I think we will see some kind of rally. I just don’t think it’s going to last that long. I think that the Fed is not happy with high spending and it needs to reduce it so it’s going to do everything it needs to hamper down spending

  11. Great Video , Lots of speculation have been going on about a new year rally and that stocks would be experiencing significant growth this Q1, any idea which stocks this may be} I just sold my home in the Boca Grande area and I’m looking to remunerate a lump sum into the stock market before stocks rebound, Is this a good time to buy or no?

    1. I’ve been unsure about the market due to volatility, at the same time I still feel it’s the right time to make profit cos of the price decrease. Also doing a diligent research is necessary, it’s all about finding the right moment to take advantage of and generate colossal profit.

    2. @Daniel Wass FM Just because there are opportunities in the market doesn’t mean you should go in blindly. To understand the potential factors that contribute to your financial growth, I’ll advise you to seek the help of a professional. I invest with ( TRINA SHAE JONES ) a widely known consultant. You can make a quick internet research with her name mentioned where you can easily get in touch.

    3. @XP Limited. I just looked up this person out of curiosity, and surprisingly she seems really proficient. I thought this was just some overrated stuff, I appreciate this.

    4. Wow. I’m a bit perplexed seeing Trina been mentioned here also.. I found her on a CNBC interview where she was featured and reached out to her afterwards. She has since provide entry and exit points on the securities I focus on. I Personally recommend her too because i basically follow Trina’s trade pattern and haven’t regretted doing so.

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