Carl Icahn's net-worth has plummeted from $25bn to $10bn in the last few weeks following a short report on his investment vehicle Icahn Enterprises (IEP). Why is it collapsing and what lessons can investors learn from Carl Icahn's missteps?


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  1. First again, Thanks as always Daniel 🙂 Happy Friday 🙂
    Great advice, the age old practice of buy and hold works of course, like Charlie says “delay” gratification to be a great investor.

  2. Please make a Palantir update video 🙂 you were bearish last time, but second time GAAP profitability and operational profitability is not bad or how do you see it?

  3. Hi Daniel.
    How do you see QCOM at 100$/share, 10 PE and 3% dividend yield? Last earnings didn’t looked good, but the forecast seems to be better.
    Maybe you can do an follow up on your last QCOM video.

    1. Been looking at Qcom too. Price is good but the business outlook isnt. Just worried about Apple have its own snap dragon soon. That and Samsung sales are down massively. This keeps me away bro.

    2. @Jose Joven Yes, but the next growth phase could be based on automotive chips and IoT. This markets are forecasted to grow in the next years 8-10%/year + qcom can use the experience from mobile chips to take market share.

  4. Great video! Thanks! EDIT: As far as Nvidia goes, there were recent articles revealing how Druckenmiller, Ackman and other big money are buying into the already stale AI news. I don’t think they understand how it works and are randomly pumping big names. AI requires something that can compute dot products fast (like a GPU) but it’s possible to make a more efficient ASIC that does the same with lower power consumption. Remember how crypto went from GPUs to ASICs? Same thing will happen here. There will be some no name Chinese company pumping them out. And from the software side, open source AI (like Dolly 2.0) will take over because it’s server side and the data centers will choose something that is free and customizable.

    1. Even bigger problem with AI is, this great Tech is yet to show some real promising Revenue generating business model. I am not saying it will not eventually – but it needs to show some revenue generation. So far, only thing it has promised is higher efficiency in enterprises and most companies have not suddenly changed the CapEx in AI (they have been assigning some CapEx to AI for years) to warrant higher valuation all of a sudden.

  5. Finding the long-term compounders may be the relatively easy part of this game. Having to control your ego and doing nothing for over a decade is the difficult part.

  6. Thx for the video Daniel. First time I’ve seen the positives of being in a coma. Keep up the great content.

  7. in the beginning of my trading days i liked bidu and as soon as i bought it it plummeted, so i waited months and months and then one fine day it took off upwards. I made the mistake of selling once i got my money back and missed the full run it continued to make.

  8. I missed out on huge gains from selling to early. Two stocks I sold are now off to the races with a whopping 90% and 70% gain.

    You just cant beat buy and hold if you have conviction.

  9. I had Accounting in college late 1980’s. WSJ reader 28 years. Both him and Harold Simmons were always top 5 in the U.S. if they wanted to be U.S. President. Icahn will be an easy vote the rest of his life.

  10. Thanks. You make a strong case for the balanced view against shorting — that markets don’t crash that often.

  11. The power of compounding is amazing. Even the greats forget it sometime. Hold good compounders even if they have a great year and trade up a lot. The best of good companies is yet to be seen if management is good.

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