No one cares about debt ceiling, at least for now, says Jim Cramer

'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer breaks down the sectors that would be most impacted by a debt default and why the stock market isn't reacting how people think it should. Sign up and learn more about the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer

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46 thoughts on “No one cares about debt ceiling, at least for now, says Jim Cramer

  1. so why did the market go up 100+ s&p handles last week on “debt ceiling optimism”, according to the media?


    1. Same here, My portfolio has been going down the drain while I try trading,l just don’t know what I do wrong

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    4. ​@Pablo Idris Wow I’m just shock you mentioned and recommended Expert Mrs Lucy,I thought I’m the only trading with her

  3. Stock market doesn’t care about anything but green. Maybe that’s the problem. You have a gov with unlimited credit card of spending, market wants a can kick, until there is no can.

  4. i really wish would turn the crypto narrative about you on its head and start giving your long term insights and flip the script . that would be rad if you played in our sandbox .

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  5. These are fantastic takes , I was really hopeful of my investments this year, but all my plans have been disoriented, I’ve been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made millions from the recent 2008 recession and I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market. Any recommendations?

    1. Cryptocurrency crashed the last couple years, so it should be starting a new run to a new high.

    2. I grew to a 7 figure well-diversified portfolio. I buy quality firms, anticipate to hold them regardless of what happens, pay up but not too much, keep track, sell only when necessary, and be ready to course correct. also ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless. ever grateful to Trisha Jean Webb my F.A… she is super helpful to a lot of beginners out there.

    3. @Randy Pelletier Did a quick web search, she has a pretty decent bio, I wrote her and I’m waiting on her reply.

  6. Wallstreet isn’t letting the markets fall and neither is government. Nothing to see here.

  7. Despite the fact that I invest, I am saddened by my inability to evaluate each company’s performance and determine whether or not this is the ideal time to purchase stocks. My monetary stockpile is being depleted by inflation. At this stage, I need accurate market trajectory data, but I’m not sure what to do.

    1. Particularly in this weak market, there are several opportunities to generate excellent returns, but such intricate transactions can only be carried out by seasoned market professionals.

    2. I suggest that you look for a mentor or knowledgeable advisor, particularly in light of the current economic climate.

    3. @Jessica Squire I completely agree, which is why I prefer to delegate daily decision-making to an investing coach. It is nearly impossible for them to underperform given their specialized knowledge and research, as well as the fact that every one of their abilities is geared toward utilizing risk for its asymmetrical potential and mitigating it as a buffer against certain bad turns. I’ve been working with an investment coach for over two years and have made over a quarter million dollar.

    4. @Patrick Brussels I’ve been thinking about going that route. I’ve been holding onto a lot of stocks, but they’re starting to lose value, and I’m not sure if I should retain them or sell them. I think hiring your investment coach would help me restructure my portfolio.

    5. @Erik Kurilla Yes, you can use a search engine to hunt for *STEPHANIE KOPP MEEKS* . However, I’m not certain that I can bring this up. In 2020, she attracted a lot of attention. She manages my portfolio and serves as my mentor.

  8. Where exactly is the market headed, so many views from so many analyst, but the truth remains that inflation persists, which may stress banks more and cause more panics, so how can one leverage or be on the gaining side even if the markets go berserk any ideas?

    1. The professionals presently control the market since they not only have the essential business strategy but also have access to inside information that the general public is not aware of.

    2. @Frederick chandler Thats true, I’ve been getting assisted by a FA for almost a year now, I started out with less than $200K and I’m just $19,000 short of half a million in profit.

    3. @Ralphwilliams that’s impressive! I could really use the expertise of this advisor, my portfolio has been stagnant…. Who’s the person guiding you?

    4. @Leo wright “Annette Lenore Hill” she’s seen dozens of market cycles over the past few decades, and she has a feel for how they move, why they move, and what comes next.

    5. @Ralphwilliams Annette Lenore Hill really-seems to know her stuff. I found her website after looking her up and reading through her rÊsumë, educational background, and qualifications and it was really impressive. She is a fiduciary who will act in my best interest. So, I booked a session with her.

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